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Soundz Good Audio/Video offers home automation services for those who want seamless, remote control over their home using the latest home technology. We want our home automation customers to continue to experience a fully impacting audio and visual atmosphere in their "smart homes."

Custom Home Theater Systems

Custom Home Theater Systems

Whether you need assistance hanging a brand new custom television in your home or want a full theater for the ultimate audio/video experience in your man cave, Soundz Good Audio / Video is the trusted choice in the Texarkana area. We provide both indoor and outdoor sound systems, and provide custom remote control systems that can work with your smart phone. Our friendly staff will streamline your system and make it easy for you to use. We also provide a 30 day follow up to ensure your system continues to run smoothly.

TV wall mounts

Mounting a TV to a particular place in your home sounds easy, but can quickly turn complicated. Soundz Good Audio in Texas knows how to install your TV into a wall mount while also being considerate of the size and weight of your TV as well as the weight capacity of the mount, hidden electrical wires and safety while drilling holes into your wall.

Professional and custom home entertainment systems

Watching TV or listening to music in your Texarkana home should be an unforgettable experience. Not only can we build you a professional entertainment system, we can design an entire room around your audio or video system installation. To get the best sound and picture quality, call Soundz Good Audio to get started.

Wire concealment and management

We know how ugly wires can be and how they can distract you from the picture of your custom home theater systems. We also know how trying to organize a bundle of wires can lead to nothing but frustration.

Whole House Audio.

Soundz Good Audio in Texarkana will make sure you never have to worry silence at your next party again.Soundz Good Audio in Texarkana will make sure you never have to worry silence at your next party again. Soundz Good audio will hide your unsightly wires and keep them arranged in an order fashion to keep your focus on your picture.

At Soundz Good Audio, we pride ourselves on our reputation and professionalism. We know you will be happy with our service and your new Texarkana, TX, home theater installation, outdoor patio sound system or audio and video system installation. To take the step on achieving excellent sound and video quality, call Soundz Good Audio at 903-278-0830. To us, you're not just a customer, you're a friend for life.